Klotho shows great promise in the treatment of many types of cancer in animal studies. Klotho suppresses tumor growth, inhibits metastases, reduces resistance to chemo-therapy drugs and improves survival. Cancer is the leading cause of death in the US and new cancer cases are expected to grow 70% over the next 20 years; as most cancers are not curable.

Suppresses Breast Cancer Growth

In animals, repeated injection of Klotho significantly slowed all measures of breast cancer growth: 

Tumor Size, Weight and Visual Appearance. 


Importantly, Klotho was well tolerated.

Improved Survival

Klotho injections significantly improved survival in animals transplanted with cancer cells.

Reduced Metastases

Klotho injections significantly reduced the mean number of metastatic cancer lesions from 3 to 1 in animals that were transplanted with cancer cells.

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